Nigel and a friendI married my husband Geordie Facey in September 2005, but we have shared our lives together since June, 1979. I love to knit, but we travel relentlessly, which means that my knitting addiction is not often satisfied. In May and June 2009 I will be walking the Camino Frances, from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago De Compostela in Spain taking my knitting along with my backpack as I walk the 800 km way. I have to find someway to travel and knit at the same time.



  1. I have to giggle at this shot of you and “Dad.” 😀

  2. Hi Nigel,

    I was looking at the pics of your shoes and in one pic the bows are across the instep (the right way) and in the other the bows are up and down the instep. Make sure you always tie them across and they will never come undone. Maybe the clerk in the store tied them the wrong way.

    According to the Canadian Metric Commission, the correct spelling is kilometre and is pronounced kilo-metre, not killlom eter. A killom eter is the notches Billy the Kid carved on his pistol handle to record his “kills”.

  3. Hi again Nigel,

    I have been reading your stuff about wool caps and I would like for you to knit me a traditional sailor’s watch cap. It sounds like the perfect thing for shovelling snow in our damp, but snowy, Mount Pearl weather.



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