Posted by: knitknigel | June 5, 2009

Talking the Camino

It´s amazing how many times Geordie and I talk as we walk the camino. Usually I don´t like to stop, so I huff and puff as I walk, and today that was all uphill. Well, it seemed that way. The walk out of Portomarín went down to the lake and then back up, and up, and up. And just when you thought there was a level spot, yep, up!

The last time we did the camino we found all those talkers on their cell phones really annoying. Not everyone had a phone, but those who did seemed to like to talk and walk. Now of course it´s us! And everyone else. But it´s not as bad as I thought. Most people have become much more considerate and don´t shout on their phones, don´t have long conversations in the Albergues while others are trying to sleep.

It´s been great for Geordie and me. When I lost my guide books I had his virtual shoulder to cry on. When I lost my wallet, I called him right away to tell him my disaster, although I could also have done a little of my own problem solving. But he was there. And two days ago, I called the hotel we have booked in Santiago, to change the dates of our stay.

We were planning to walk for six days, but that has now been revised to only five. There are only two days to go. We had planned to arrive in Santiago on Monday, but now we arrive on Sunday, so I called the hotel and asked if we could change the reservation – luckily, we could, so we made our new plans.

I walked 25 kilometers yesterday and had planned to walk 14 today, but instead, I walked another 25. Tomorrow I´m walking 20, and on the last day, 21. The best part of today´s walk? I walked without my pack. No, I didn´t throw it away. I sent it on ahead to the private Albergue my group had chosen. That cost me a whole 3 euros. Worth every céntimo. It was so nice to walk without the weight on my back, and my feet were very happy too. They survived the very long walk with no new pains.

I had hoped to post a few more pictures for you, since the last were so popular, but I don´t actually have access to this computer – I think it´s hidden behind a wall or something. But next time I have the opportunity I´ll post more. Yes, Brother Jim, I now have a picture of me with my walking sticks – just for you.

A little advertisement here. I have upped my goal for AlzheimersBC to $1500.00 and I´m hoping to reach that goal, or even surpass it. So if you have donated thank you so very much. But if you haven´t, please consider donating something to the cause. If you are Canadian, you will of course, get a tax receipt. I´m sorry that I couldn´t make arrangements for an international fund, but if you donate from another country do remember that our dollar is lower than your currency, at least in US dollars, British pounds, and the Euro, so you can make your money work harder. And the money that is donated goes not only to support people living with Alzheimers, but also to research and the search for a cure.

¡Ultreia, mis amigos! Onward, my friends!


  1. I’m glad you spent the 3 Euros. Now wasn’t that a much more pleasant walk? Renate

  2. I will miss the blog posts once you get there. I have enjoyed every one! However, I am sure that you are really glad that the end is in sight. What a sense of achievement you will have when you get to Santiago. Maybe we could have a few pics of the two of you there.

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