Posted by: knitknigel | June 1, 2009

On to the Camino Again

It´s hard getting up at 5:15 to catch a train. But Geordie heard the clock and my phone alarm and woke me, so I didn´t miss it. He kicked me out pronto and sent me off to the Metro before it opened.

I arrived at the Metro entrance at 5:40 pm and the gates down below swung open at 5:45 so I was the first person in the station, bought my ticket and went to the platform.  A few trains went in and out, organizing themselves, but mine appeared at exactly 6:05 as the schedule said. But I made it to the Chamartín train station in only 20 minutes, not the 26 advertised, so I didn´t feel too pressured. Found my train platform, bought a café con leche to go and went directly to my train.

Not that that meant I got to Leon on time. We arrived in Valladolid, sat in the station for about 45 minutes, then went backwards for 20 minutes and then back to Valladolid forwards and on to Leon. There were announcements on the PA in Spanish but I only understood that there was a delay and to forgive the molestations (that´s how they say it in Spain). If I had been travelling on an AVE train I would have had my money back because they promise to return the fare if the train is delayed more than 5 minutes! (Which means that I really should get much more money back than I paid because of the ridiculous molestations.

At least I got a little knitting done on my sock. It´s a slow knit because there are lots of crossed stitches to work on, as I think I mentioned. I´m doing the work without a cable needle too, so it´s a challenge. If I drop a stitch on this one, I may be doomed! And I don´t plan to frog it.

And here at the internet I finally found an answer from the Pension I tried to book twice on the internet. Now that I´m in a squatty little room at the Hostal Ovideo (about as big as a rabbit hutch I think), I get a message that they do have a room available. I even walked there first, but they said they had no room available. That´ll teach me not to use the phone I´m paying the big bucks for. Geordie got his requested room because I telephoned for him – he had to confirm the reservation today by himself, but as you already know if you got his message, he has done that. Lucky guy. Just talked to G. on the phone and he is at the train station in Madrid – a little early for his train, but no problem. He tells me that I´m probably in the same room he was in the last time he was by himself on the Camino in Leon.

 Oh,  I should tell you about my latest brush with the law! We were on the Metro yesterday in Madrid coming from the train station when a Chinese group got on. Before the train left the station one of the men discovered his wallet was missing, and panicked, accusing me! I was on the train facing him when he got on, so it would have been hard to pick his pocket, but I understand his panic. I had thought the woman who got on after him had been acting suspiciously so I pointed her out.

We got off because it was our stop, but the train didn´t go – two security officers were rushing to the train as we were leaving pulling on their gloves. I pointed out the young woman and another young man agreed with me that she and her probable accomplice were sitting innocently on the train. We didn´t wait for the finale, but I do hope the Chinese guy got his wallet back.

And with that, adios for awhile, I think I need to do a little caminoing before I write another message. I need to get on the road and out of these big city environs where the law is always looking for me. I´m innocent I tell you. Now, where´s the Menu del Dia?

Ah, I found it, and I know you all want to know what I had to eat. Well, even if you weren´t wondering I´m going to tell you, because…

I found the Menu just up the street from here and the place looked nice so I went in. The Comedor (dining room) was upstairs, so I climbed the stairs to a lovely room with wood floors, and nice big windows onto the street. The waitress brought me a lovely piece of pan de campagne (country bread) with a great crust, and left the menu with me.

After asking, I chose the most intriguing starter on the menu. Now, all vegetarians look away. I had Garbanzos con Oreja y Rabo de Cerdo. And if you read Spanish you now know I had Chickpeas with Pigs Ears and Tails. Ewwww, I hear you saying. And yes, it takes a little getting used to, but I enjoyed the flavor if not exactly the texture of the ears, and the tail had a little meat. I think I had the tippy-tip of the tail as well as a larger piece if you were wondering.

For seconds I had the Chuletillas de Cordero, Lamb Chops, served with boiled potatoes and a piece of Roasted Red Pepper. I took a picture of that – rueing the fact that I didn´t think of photgraphing the starter. Here it is. Note that´s my new sock in the background.

Chiletillas de Cordero

Chiletillas de Cordero

Done for now. On to Sarria by very early train tomorrow, and then the Camino on foot for six more days. I think I can do that without blistering.


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