Posted by: knitknigel | May 22, 2009

Blistering the Camino

Two days rest is not enough, by a long shot. After our sad goodbye in Burgos I was off walking the route. Funny that Geordie saw my backside walking up the street while he sat in a taxi on the way to the train station. Then even funnier to see the train he was on blasting by me out in the country side. If I had talked to him on the phone one more minute I would have noticed the train coming and he could have waved at me. I waved at him anyway.

On the walk yesterday I had my feet bandaged by Geordie, but it felt like I was walking on sandpaper all morning – thank heaven I was only going 21 km. When I got to the albergue, the nice woman saw me limping and gave me a lower bed. Then when I took off my shoes and socks I realized that I had blisters further down my foot pads, new ones, which explained all the pain.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am, and my room was empty, every bed vacated. People are in such a hurry. There was only one couple left organizing themselves and they got off before me because I started padding my feet with the magic Pho-Om recommended by the doctor. Didn´t work worth a damn. My feet continued to scream in pain all  morning and even though I enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast after a two hour walk, when I started walking again, the pain was even worse.

Only another two hours to the next town where I´m staying tonight at the albergue. First I was given the choice of an upper bunk or a pallet on the floor, so I took the floor. When I sat down on the pallet though I think I could feel the floor under my bum, so I decided that I could climb up to an upper after all. The bed is much more comfortable.

Then I got lots of advice and lots of bandages from a nice man from Valencia who gave me at least five big bandages, told me how to cut them and how to care for my feet. People on the camino are very generous.

I had a visit to the nurse in Castrojeriz, who bandaged my feet tenderly, especially my toes, which looked kind of ugly. Then I hobbled to a restaurant about 400 meters away. I think it took me a half hour on the sides of my feet. I had my menu del dia with two Spanish bicyclists one of whom was on his sixth bicycle trip to Santiago – twice from Seville where Geordie started his earlier Via de la Plata trip a couple of years ago and was continuing from this year.

It was a nice evening with people sitting at the albergue and visiting with folk I´ve been walking with for awhile as well as new people. I had time to think and relax so will have news for my next blog entry tomorrow. You know the results if you have been reading Geordie´s news but you will get my take on it next.

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