Posted by: knitknigel | May 16, 2009

A Blistering Pace

I´ve certainly been moving fast. Maybe too fast. Today even though it was a beautfiul day, with sun, a nice cool breeze and relatively easy walking my feet were not happy campers at all. I got a lecture from the Danish woman who told me that my running shoes were definitely the wrong choice and that I should have leather boots like hers. A little later now!

When I got to Belorado today it was about 12:30 and I was very ready to stop. I found a great albergue which, although 5 euros, has a pool! Too cool to swim in it, but hey, a pool! Very hot showers, a nice bed, lower bunk with more head room than usual so I´ll be able to sit up in it without knocking myself out, too.

On the way, not only my feet were suffering. My hands swell up every day, and at one point I couldn´t bend my fingers to touch my palm, the fingers were so tight. The rest of me, including my mind, is fine. I enjoyed singing, making up silly verses for songs, singing a few Newfoundland ditties, like The Kelligrews Soiree, and generally making things as easy as possible.

Ater checking in at the Albergue, I walked across the street to a restaurant that I discovered went right through to the other side, where there was a huge open plaza. I had no idea. I talked to the owner, and since it was early for the menu del dia I got directions to the Centro de Salud. Winced my way over there and was seen right away. The first thing the doctor said when he saw me  was, “Ah, ampollas”. (Blisters). Yep. He worked on all six of them, the most painful of which are on the pads below my big toes, which are the weight bearing part.

He told me to rest, so tomorrow I´m taking a bus to Burgos, two days down the road where I will meet Geordie and take two days off. If thinks work our aright I will be back on track with the same schedule two days from now. Let´s hope those feet work then.

Must get this done. Supper tonight at the albergue by donation at 7:30 and breakfast at 6;30 for 2 euros. Looking forward to the camaraderie. Now to hobble off to take some more painkillers.


  1. I will meet your bus early tomorrow afternoon. ¿Wonder where in station is?

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