Posted by: knitknigel | May 11, 2009

Montse and other knitting

Today was a good day, only five hours to walk 22.4 km, so I feel it´s time to throw a little knitting into the mix. So, the answer to the knitting question “What kind of name is Montse?” is answered. Montse Stanley wrote a book called the Knitter´s Handbook which is a kind of bible of knitting. Any serious knitter has checked it out and many a knitter has a copy in the collection.

I have always wondered where the name came from. Montse is not a regular turn of the mill name after all. And the Camino has answered the question for me. On my first day on the camino I met a young Spanish woman (she´s here in the albergue with me right now) and her name was, as you guessed, Montse. As she explained, it was a nickname. Her full name is Montserrat, the town up near Barcelona and the French border. I´m sure that it explains Montse Stanley´s unusual name and I feel I´ve added a little to my knitting knowledge by discovering it.

And more on the knitting front – this afternoon, as I sat outside the albergue in the lovely sunshine, I finished the foot of my sock and began turning the heel. I´m glad to get there. I just unknit about 8 rows of knitting before I started the heel, so it was even more knitting than planned.

I had a great meal today – beans, then lamb shank with shoe string potatoes. Miam, miam. Good wine too.

On the walking front – I now have blisters on my left heel and the little toe of my left foot. I must stop using that side of my body for a day or two and I will be fine.

On the landscape front – walked past wheat fields, vineyards in leaf, over hills and down dales, poppies everywhere now, a beautiful day for walking. No mountains, but a few hills.



  1. I suppose the pronunciation of Montse is something like Mon-tsay while I’ve probably been mispronouncing it all this time as Mon-tsee. Thanks for the explanation.

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