Posted by: knitknigel | May 8, 2009

A night in the Albergue

Well, maybe a day and a night.

I arrived early so got my bed reservation at the albergue, and then hung around for awhile eating, drinking and knitting. But you know all that. It was funny when we finally were allowed to enter the Albergue – very organized. We were first asked our language, then put together in groups for our orientation: no shoes in the place, lights out at 10, lights on at 6, out by 8, here´s your pillow, young people up top, older down below (YES!)

Chose my bed, and my bedmate (well, he´s inches from me and there´s no wall). But I´d already met him, Paul, a charming man from Holland.

At 7 we got to eat our pilgrim meal, a very full room that was served beans, then fried trout and chips, followed by a container of yogurt but of course the obligatory bottle of wine. Then off to church for the pilgrim mass where I heard the name of my country read out with the others and we received a pilgrim´s blessing.

Then back to the albergue where people were settling in already. I finally decided that 9:30 was not too early. Some people were already in bed when I arrived back. At 10 the lights went out, and the snoring started and the farting – remember those beans? Some people had a few too many I think. I had a hard time getting to sleep, but finally managed after a late night visit to the bathroom. (Oh, didn´t tell you that I was the first person to have a shower yesterday after we were allowed in – a good thing because the room of 110 people had 4 showers, 2 for men, 2 for women. A little skimpy I thought.

And this morning. Lights on at 6? Well yes, but they didn´t mention the music played at 5:30 and all the people who then began to move around shining flashlights in to the eyes of honest pilgrims like me. And at 6 the lights did come on, and the hostelero walked throught the area singing Alleleuia. Well, it is a religious pilgrimage isn´t it?

And now I´ve walked 21 kilometers this morning with some ups but more downs, and I´m in a private albergue where I was able to check in right away instead of waiting till 2:30 at the municipal albergue. It costs 10 euros, includes free internet, and a wonderful warm shower, where I also washed my clothes by stomping on them. And now it´s time for a little lunch and a glass of wine before the pilgrim menu at 7 pm at the local restaurant.

If you have donated to AlzheimerBC thanks! I´ve reached my goal of $1000 dollars but now I´m going to up it because I know there are others out there who would like to donate to the cause. And as a knitting pilgim I got my photo taken last night, I saw sheep today and if anyone from my knitting list is reading this far, I now know where the name Montse comes from. (Ask me and I´ll tell you.)



  1. Ok! I’m curious now…Montse?
    Thanks to both of you for bowing to your readers’ wishes and including the descriptions of your meals. Even though I don’t eat meat I love to read about culinary delights.
    Buen Camino amigos

  2. Nigel, two words for you: EAR PLUGS!

  3. Please enlighten all of us about Ms Stanley’s name. You have other knitting readers who aren’t on your knitting list!

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