Posted by: knitknigel | May 5, 2009

St. Jean Pied de Port. Ultreia!

Im here! I had a wonderful trip via the train system in both Spain and France. I had a long stop in Bayonne so I had breakfast there enjoying an expresso and a croissant with a glass of orange juice.

On the train to St. Jean I met two women from Quebec City who will walk to the Refuge Orisson today. Thats where Im going tomorrow. Its only 8 km and since the way is steep, it will be slow going. 19 km the next day to Roncesvalles

This is a very strange keyboard – its an azerty keyboard with letters in strange places; well only the a, z; w; and m, but I seem to use those letters a lot:

I wanted to explain the word Ultreia. It is a Galician word meaning Onward! which pilgrims use to encourage each other:

I saw sheep today, and I knit in the Bayonne train station. I have begun to knit the camino.



  1. Good luck on your knitting Camino! My partner is a knitter, and when I walked the Camino Frances in 2006 I drew a doodle of what it would look like if she was walking with me. I later turned it into a block print, which you can see here:
    (Look for the square that looks like a knitter)

    I’m looking forward to reading about your knitting and walking adventures.
    Buen Camino!

  2. Hello Nigel, How exciting that your journey has begun! This is my first attempt at posting a message on a blog, so I’ll see what happens… You may or may not ever see this first feeble attempt! o:) Ultreia! Hugs, Marlene

  3. OK… I see that my first comment is “awaiting moderation.” What does that mean? Should I do something??? It seemed relatively moderate to me! hahaha… Marlene

  4. Ultriea, Nigel! How exciting to know that you are on your way. I wish I was there too. You are realizing one of my life goals. However, I would need to do lots of training before I would be ready to walk! Loved your emails about getting there. No more fingers in the tapas, please! Marje

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