Posted by: knitknigel | April 28, 2009

Ready for the Camino

Today was a beautiful day to take our last walk along the Seawall before our flight tonight to Spain. It was the warmest day of Spring so far, and there was wonderful sunshine and lots of activity. The birds were enjoying the day too – the heron standing solitary on its rock, the ducks coming in for a three point landing, the red-winged blackbird startling with its red epaulets. Both Geordie and I took a swing into the park too, to have a last look before we leave. There are flowers everywhere, cherry blossoms, rhododendrons, tulips galore. Even the skunk cabbage is glowing in the low swampy places.

At home we are getting our packs ready to go. I’ve filled mine too full, I’m sure. It weighs 19 pounds! I’ll feel it when it’s on my back and I’m carrying it every step of the way. It’s taken about three days of considering, weighing (literally as well as figuratively) everything, packing and repacking, adding things, removing things. I only hope that when we arrive to start the Camino that the essentials are there.

I finished the big to-be-felted bag at home two nights ago. Have a look.

A big bag, ready to felt into a Messenger bag.

A big bag, ready to felt into a Messenger bag.

Having done that I decided that I could safely start on my first Camino sock. Here it is – against the back drop of Vancouver’s West End and Stanley Park.

Beginning to knit the camino from home.

Beginning to knit the camino from home.

The yarn is Casbah by Hand Maiden of Fleece Artist, which is a Canadian company based in Nova Scotia. The fibres include merino wool and cashmere, with a little nylon for wear, and makes an amazingly soft and comfortable sock.

Tonight we head for the airport, then a long flight to Amsterdam where we get to spend about four hours at the airport before we fly to Madrid. We will spend only the night in Madrid because early the next day we take the AVE train to Malaga, then hop the Cercanias train to Torremolinos to spend four nights visiting Bertrand and Giorgio.

And then it’s separation time when Geordie and I take off for our separate Camino adventures – he by bus to Sevilla to start again on the Via de la Plata, and me to San Sebastian by plane and from there, by train to St. Jean Pied de Port in France via Bayonne. And you don’t need to worry – we both have accomodation lined up for the nights before we start walking. We also bought cell phones we can use in Spain, and one of our first orders of business in Torremolinos will be to get SIM cards and a phone number so we can keep in touch with each other as we walk.

You’ll be hearing from me. We are both excited about our journeys. You will be with us as we walk, in our memories and in our hearts, and we look forward to sharing our Camino with you.

Please consider supporting my walk by donating to AlzheimerBC. Just click on the Sponsor Me link to the right and see how my fundraising is going, and to make a donation.



  1. Via con Dias, brother. Be careful out there and please carry something bigger than knitting needles for protection – a big stick would be a good idea.


  2. May your Camino be all that you hope for – and more. I wish you good weather, good company, safe travels and healthy feet!


  3. ¡Buen viaje! I enjoyed our ‘send off’ coffee and visit earlier today. Have a great trip and I’ll be following along every STITCH of the way!

  4. Thinking of you all the way!
    More hugs,
    Terry and Ken

  5. And the weather is still beautiful here! Hope your trip over went well.
    I’ll see Midge on Saturday for lunch in Kamloops.


  6. ¡Si!
    ¡Buen viaje!
    I look forward to following your adventures and, eventually, your footsteps.

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