Posted by: knitknigel | April 19, 2009

The Sun Run

Today I did a little training for the Camino by walking the 10 km Sun Run which was celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was my first time walking it, and was a wondeful experience. There were a mere 55,858 registered particiapants in this, the second largest run of its kind in the world.

I had the great pleasure of walking with my good friend Terry. It took a little coordinating since he did most of his training in Honolulu while I got to do my training on the Seawall here in Vancouver. This was our very first time walking together except for casual walks on the Seawall in the past, and we made great companions with very similar paces, so it went really well.

We met several blocks from the race start and made our way to the starting area. It was very well organized with everyone colour-coordinated for their start locations. We, being walkers, got to start at the back of the pack and it was a long wait until we got to the start line itself. The race started at 9:00 am, and we were still standing in our pack at 9:30 when they announced that the first runners had crossed the finish line.

We actually got to cross the start line at about 10:15 am, 45 minutes after the winners entered the finish area outside BC Place. Amazing. But once we were across the line, movement was pretty easy, so we weren’t feeling held up at all. Everyone was in a great mood – the energy around us was contaigous. It’s a great route – down one of the main drags of downtown Vancouver, through the eastern edge of glorious Stanley Park with rhododendrons in bloom in the gardens there. The cherry blossoms are also in full bloom right now, so we had lots of flowers to enjoy along the way. After the park we had a wonderful stroll along Beach Avenue along English Bay and our apartment, up to the Burrard Bridge then through the Kits area to walk back across the Cambie Bridge into the finish area and from there into BC Place which was packed with runners, but yet very efficiently run. We had no problem getting some orange slices and bananas to replenish our carbs.

Apparently there was also a centipede running the race, and we passed two tall bowling pins who were enjoying the walk too. Saw a king and queen at the finish line – no Elvis though. Lots of baby strollers, of course, and people of every stripe were out in the cool, but dry weather. We were so lucky, since rain had been forecast, and indeed this afternoon at about 2:00 pm it did start to sprinkle, but by that time the race was over. Hurray for us.

Terry and I finished in good time – 1 hour and 35 minutes, a 9:44 minute per km pace which is excellent. I’m sure that next year we can improve on that though. We’ll zip harder! Our finishing postions were in the 33000’s which means that we finished within the top three-fifths of the field.

I must compliment the organizers of the race and the amazing group of volunteers who passed out water at many many stations along the road. At one spot, some quite young people were showing off by balancing the water cups on their heads and hats, so one just had to walk up and swoop a cup from atop a head and enjoy a refreshing drink, delivered in a novel way. At the stadium the volunteers must have spent hours cutting up oranges and bananas. And there were lots of them handing them out making sure everyone was satisfied. How wonderful to see these people give of their time and effort for this great race.

This really was excellent Camino training, although unlike the Camino, it was hardly a solitary walk on the Mesata of Spain. But it was fun – we had a great time, we finished in great time. and I didn’t get any blisters. I hope that augurs well for the Camino too. I didn’t take my knitting with me, although considering how much waiting time there was, it would have come in handy. Next year? Why not?

A big thank you to all those who have already donated to AlzheimerBC. I am so grateful to you for your support. If you would like to make a donation, just click on the Sponsor Me link on the right side of the blog.




  1. You made quite good time! I must try to keep up in my future effort to walk the Camino. Very inspiring!

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