Posted by: knitknigel | April 10, 2009

New Shoes

Did you think the shoe saga was over? I did. Bought the shoes, brought them back, bought new ones. Simple, right. Yeah, you know it’s not.

I wore the new shoes on a nice long walk and oh, my feet burned. The forefoot padding just wasn’t enough to protect my tenderfeet from the road. I felt I was walking on pavement barefoot. And they squeaked too. So I went back to the store, and chatted up the guy, and left with – wait for it – another pair of the first shoes I bought. The ones that clip-clopped.

Clip-clopping shoes

Clip-clopping shoes


Got that? Smart, what! Here’s the theory. That first pair was aberrant. All the shoes of that model wouldn’t clip-clop, just that pair. This pair would take me to the back of beyond without a sound. Hah!. They clip-clopped worse. Both feet, sounded like a team of Clydesdales! And I kept wearing them, expecting the shoes to get over it. They would suddenly stop making that annoying sound and I would go peaceably through that good forest. I’m a dreamer.

And today – I brought those shoes back to New Balance! And the guy who served me 10 days ago, saw me and said, “They didn’t work out, hm?”. Thank heaven it was him, who could understand what I was talking about without even telling him. So we looked at other shoes, and he found me a pair that I took home with me, and haven’t even walked in yet – except around the store. Tomorrow is their walk through the fire. I’ll take them out around the park and listen to them. If they squeak, or clump, or hammer, or whistle, I just may throw them into the sea – no, no I won’t; I’ll take them back and ask for my money back. This can’t go on.

The latest shoes

The latest shoes

Notice how new these shoes look? They’ve only been out once on the trail. They have such shiny new laces. I think I need to take them out and jump in  a puddle or two. I’ll let you know how they go. But the first walk was good.  

And did you notice those lovely hand knit socks? I’m not wearing those on the Camino, but who knows, maybe I’ll knit a similar pair while I’m out there on the trails.

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  1. When do you leave for Spain?

    • We leave for Spain on April 28. Go to Torremolinos, Apr 29, leave Torremolinos for the north on May 4. Arriving in St. Jean Pied de Port on May 5 – walking on May 6.

  2. Got it!
    So, about 800 kms?! How long will that take?

    Have you investigated socks that will avoid the irritating chafing and blister production? I know nothing about such things but am ‘hurting’ for you.
    Nothing like great shoes!
    (Even Ken got blisters in India in January)
    Maybe you are a Peach like him – they bruise easy, he says.

    Happy walking and knitting – will you knit in yellow? Maybe incorporate yellow arrows into the sock patterns?

  3. One of the women who had walked the Camino and who was at the presentation at Calhoun mentioned that she wore her shoes all day every day for two months before she set off. She was the only one in the group who did not get blisters. The posts are great!

  4. Hello, Brother,

    I noticed in your shoe pics that in one case the bows go across the instep (the good way) and in the other they go up and down the instep (the bad way). Make sure you always tie them the good way and they will never come untied.

    Happy trails,


  5. I saw the new shoes earlier today–they are indeed blindingly white and clean. Sparkly even!

    Do you plan on wearing hand knitted socks or athletic socks designed for long distance walking/running?

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