Posted by: knitknigel | March 29, 2009

Two Hours

Yesterday’s walk was in the misty rain. Today the sun was brilliant and the seawall was full of people. Amazing the difference a day makes. There were runners, walkers, bikers, skaters, skateboarders, wheelchair folk, and people resting on benches or exploring the exposed rocks of the low tide. Beautiful.

And the beauty of the landscape and seascape was reason enough to be out.

I walked under Lions Gate Bridge, which looked wonderful against the mountains with the snow on the top.

I also wanted to see some of the inside of the park today, so I walked in to Beaver Lake. I don’t usually see any beavers there, and it was no different today, but the path in was great with the trees dwarfing the people walking along the paths.
Beaver Lake Trail

It was a great walk and the two hours outside really had me ready for a good cup of coffee so I headed off to Melriches on Davie for my fix. And got out my knitting to work on my sock. I’m close to finishing this pair, so I’m going to have to think soon about what I will knit next. One of these days I also have to decide what socks I will knit while I’m on the Camino and what yarns I will use. I will have to get into my stash soon and see what’s there.


  1. Knitting content’s good. Let’s see pictures of the knitting too!

  2. Just had another thought. You should let Paulette know about your plans for the Camino and the blog so she can put something about it in the Guild’s newsletter. Better yet, she’d love you dearly for writing a little something yourself.

  3. Hey there. Having a hard time reading the red type against the photo on your header. maybe heavier type in burgandy? Dunno. I go through these color issues all the time on my blog too…

  4. Yes, Melissa. I keep trying different colours and nothing seems to work. I would change the font size too, but that doesn’t seem possible here. I’ll keep working on it. I could also change the picture. That could improve the text readability too. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Wow, what gorgeous scenery! We don’t have mountains like that here.

  6. Sorry to say this, but I liked the photo you used for the header at the beginning better than this one. This one looks like “knitting the prairies”. I am just being picky, I know.

    I envy you the wonderful walks around Stanley Park. I am still picking my way over patches of frozen snow and icy patches. It really slows the walking down.

  7. Nigel, did you not get my first comment? In any case, I want to know about your shoes – their brand name and number, and if you still like them. Barb

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