Posted by: knitknigel | March 24, 2009

Thank Sheep for Wool


Today I walked in the rain. It rained the entire time I was out there – 1 1/2 hours through the park, along the Seawall, and along Denman to meet Geordie and Kate for breakfast. And I wore my hat, the one I knit in December which served me so well during all the snow. The hat is a design by Brooklyntweed called Turn a Square and the pattern is free.

Even though the hat was wet through when I arrived for breakfast my head and ears were both warm. Yep, wool is the best. Not acrylic, not polyester, not cotton. Wool has that capacity to stay warm when wet, which is why it is the fiber of choice for mariners, those guys who work the ships and boats in all weathers. Those watchcaps that seamen wear have always been wool. Those guys are smart. And I bet lots of them knit their own back in the day.

There’s a great link here to a British site that asks people to Knit a Hat for a Sailor. You could always join them. Or if you know someone who is going off to walk the Camino de Santiago, you could knit a hat as a parting gift.

I don’t need one, thanks – I already have the perfect one which is drying at the moment out in the hall. And I thank sheep for providing the wool that kept me warm.


  1. Nigel knit a great hat for he too but in this weather I wear a real rain hat! I am glad your new shoes are working out and that you are not clip clopping along.

  2. Fabulous! I see that I am visitor #2! Yay James! I’ll see you Wednesday for Idea #2, (our secret code…. blog followers….), I’ll have my cellular ready to recieve!

  3. The blog’s looking great. What a wonderful idea to walk, knit and blog the Camino. I’ll enjoy following your progress on all three.

  4. I think you didnicely done knitting blog,hope you have great knitting walk in Camino

  5. What a great idea to be pursuing the different threads, and to connect some of your biggest interests while doing this trip. And thanks for the great pattern. Bye for now. Barb

  6. In olden days the Scottish Highlanders would wet their woolen plaids in a creek, wrap it around themselves and sleep on the cold ground. They would stay warm from the steam produced.

  7. You’ve been tagged! Go see the meme on my blog.

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